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Welcome to McKeesport Area School District!

Congratulations Lyndsay Brown, teacher at McKeesport Area High School, for being named a finalist in the 2015 Champions of Learning Awards. Winners will be announced at an award dinner on March 28, 2015!


   The twelve teachers listed below have PVAAS scores attributed to them that indicate that there is “Moderate or Significant Evidence that the Teacher's Students Exceeded the Standard for PA Academic Growth”.

Those teachers are:


  • Jeffrey Barry
  • Tina Bieda
  • Bonnie Butler
  • Robin Canova
  • Missy Capozzoli
  • Linda Cosgrove
  • Jamie Filotei
  • Kellie Kerston
  • MaryAnn LaFever
  • Geremiah Ochap
  • James O’Neal
  • Sherry Yocco

   We commend and applaud these teachers for the impressive academic growth of their students!

   We are incredibly proud of all of our McKeesport Area School District teachers.  We know how much time, effort and heart each of you give to our children and their families.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

   The Pennsylvania Department of Education has adopted the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System (PVAAS) as one of the reporting tools used in the Pennsylvania School Performance Profile (SPP).  It reports on the relative growth of a teacher’s students in the PSSA and Keystone tested areas.    

   It must be noted that not every teacher in the district has the opportunity to have their students’ growth attributed to them.  Only teachers of grades four through tenth grade, who directly instruct students in PSSA or Keystone assessed courses, have this report provided to them.  Of this group of teachers, many saw that their class PVAAS scores “Met the “Standard for PA Academic Growth”.  This in itself is the targeted goal and a job well done.

   We know that there are many, many teachers in our district who are having tremendous impact on student growth in many, many subjects that are not eligible to receive these scores.  We are confident that we will recognize them in the future for their valuable contributions. 

   It must also be noted that many things attribute to the PVAAS scores for student academic achievement.  Examples of factors that contribute to the score are the strength of the curriculum and the resources in place to support instruction.

We are excited for Mrs. Tara Reed, Arts Education Liaison for McKeesport Area School District to host a meeting with seven local school districts expected to be here.  This is one of seven meetings held throughout the county.  

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